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Happy New Year! Welcome, 2014

by LucisAeternus, 329 days ago

Happy New Years, everybody!

What a great year it was! Thank you all for being a part of our family and our big circle of friejns!


Game on and prosper!


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A Realm Awoken! ARR 2.1 is upon us!

by LucisAeternus, 353 days ago

We all have been super excited the upcoming ARR patch 2.1 which is released on Dec 17th. Lots of cool stuff will be added and I am here to familiarize you with what is coming.


First of all.... Housing. Or, Guild Hall. We have a Poll going on now with voting of the location for our Guild Hall. There are three location: Gridania - The Lavender Beds, Ul'dah - The Goblet, and Limsa Lominsa - The Mist. Vote now!    We will also have voting going on within the game.

Furthermore, the Housing system is still in the grey, not too much has been revealed about it other than there are auctions for houses/locations/interior/exterior items etc. I, Lucis, will personally be online the night of the patch to do some "auctionings". Our Commander, Selfie, will accommodate me.


More cool stuff in 2.1! The Wolves' Den. A PvP arena. From the looks of it it's nothing more than a 4v4 death match. None the less, looks fun as hell.

Hmm, how about a 24 man dungeon?.... yes, 24!! Crystal Tower will bring 24 players into the same dungeon! Even though the group will be divided into 3 smaller groups of 8, the final battle will be fought together.


Lots and lots of cool stuff will be added! So much that I can't fit it all on the page, so I will leave you a video and a link that lists all the awesome stuff 2.1 will bring us.


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